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Why Brazil?

1st in online sales revenue in Latin America in 2019 according to Ebit / Nilsen
130M+ online buyers according to
9th largest economy in the world

Solutions to help you in this new market

ChatAuto Translate Chat
Be close to your customers. For companies located abroad, hire and maintaining a support team that is able to speak different languages can be very costly, so Preme offers an automatic chat translation service as a solution for the relationship with the Brazilian customer.
mapLocal Payment Methods
Show your customer that you meet their needs. 60% of world consumers have already given up making an online purchase because they can't find their preferred payment method and you don't want this to happen to your company. Offers local payment methods to meet expectations and increase your sales in Brazil.
cpuAntifraud system
We take security seriously. More than 94% of Brazilians Social Numbers are registered on our Database which allows us to carry out an accurate fraud risk analysis, bringing security to your company's financial sales transactions.

Our Payment Methods

boletoBoleto Bancario
More than a third of the Brazilian population doesn't have a bank account, which brings the boleto bancário as being the best option for making online purchases and recurring payments.
cardCards (debit, credit and prepaid)
Credit card purchases today account for more than 70% of ecommerces sales in Brazil. We offer the most popular card providers to help your sales grow.
qr codeQR Code
QR Code payments have become popular all over the world and have already gained quite a reputation among Brazilians. It offers several options of payment methods to bring convenience to your customer.


Unlike most purchases in Europe or America, Brazilians prefer to split their purchases up to 12 times to be paid in installments. Preme offers a smart solution to make your company meet this type of need and reach even more customers.

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