Case study: Ribon

How Ribon's partnership with Preme Pay contributed to Covid-19's damage reduction process in Brazil

The Ribon

Ribon team

Ribon was founded in 2016 by three 21-year-olds who had the purpose of impacting and bringing solutions to problems of their generation, such as those related to climate change and poverty in schools. Rafael, João and Carlos continue with this purpose with Ribon, which today has the support of other partner institutions and many people interested in spreading the good in social projects among local and needy communities.

Today Ribon works as an incentive to the habit of good deeds. Through its app, it stimulates philanthropy using technology to generate better experiences for those who seek to help and provides a real change in the lives of people involved in the causes served.

Facilitation in the middle of donations

It was in the midst of the biggest global pandemic of the last decade that the paths of Ribon and Preme Pay crossed. The companies shared their motivations to fight for a world without borders or barriers between people and joined efforts to provide support, treatment and financial aid to the more than 10 million positive cases for covid-19 in Brazil.


“Preme Pay was essential to make donations feasible in order to reduce the damage caused by Covid-19 in the Brazilian territory. With an easy-to-integrate payment platform and an agile support team that became involved with Ribon's mission, we were able to make donations reach NGOs that were respected and sustained by integrity and generosity, giving support to members of the Brazilian community that suffered these impacts. ” says Rafael Cordeiro, CEO & Founder of Ribon.

The NGOs

Through CovidZero's humanitarian tool, Ribon used Preme Pay's payment facilitation services to support and pass on values ​​to serious philanthropic entities committed to reducing the negative impacts generated by the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. All fronts worked involved with the purpose of facilitating donations in real time and collaborating to nurture families that suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic.

Institutions such as Pimp My Carroça and Ação da Cidadania were involved in the project, as well as entities like Favela without a Corona and the WFP that acts as the UN World Food Program and won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Created in 1961, the WFP operates globally in a scheme to provide food assistance through the United Nations system and has shown itself to be involved not only in social projects directly related to world hunger, but also with the alarming effects caused by the Coronavirus in 2020.

Logo WFPLogo Favela sem CoronaLogo Pimp my carroçaLogo Ação Cidadania

The impacts

The connection between the global sustainable investment market, which already reached the $ 30 trillion mark in 2018, with the existing need to support the more than 10 million Brazilians who suffered financial and social impacts during the pandemic in 2020, made with Ribon and Preme Pay to establish a partnership to unite their missions and break down the boundaries of access to facilitated and secure financial transactions.

According to Pablo Klein, Founder and CEO of Preme Pay “through local payment methods popular across the country, Preme Pay was able to improve the donor experience and enable different forms of payment according to shared preferences and needs.”


Preme Pay and Ribon impacted and collaborated in the challenging change of adaptation to the new reality. They joined with intelligent and technological solutions that bring people together and make complex processes such as that of a cash transfer be simplified in a few clicks, without losing the commitment to data security and the urgency of actions with results that add.

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