Boleto Bancário

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Boleto Bancário

The Boleto

The Boleto Bancário, also popularly known as 'Boleto', is a secure payment method legally recognized by the Central Bank of Brazil. Boleto provides an effective way to make payments to those customers who don’t have a bank account or don’t want to share their card data online.

Boleto Bancário
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Increase your sales in Brazil

Over 15 million people don’t have a bank account in Brazil, so Boleto Bancário becomes an easy and effective solution for individual or recurring payments.

How you can make a payment using Boleto Bancário

The Boleto is generated with a unique barcode, which can be used to make the payment for the product or service issued using ATMs or the payment services available in banks and lottery agents shops. It is still possible to make the payment from your barcode through Apps and online payment systems.

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Truly popular between Brazilians

More than 26% of the total online purchases made in Brazil, are paid through Boleto Bancário.

Why Brazilians use Boleto?

Besides being a payment method legally governed by Brazilian laws, Boleto Bancário can reach 100% of the paying public in Brazil merging solutions, services and products online and offline. Boleto Bancário also guarantees the security of transactions and eliminates the risk of chargeback.

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