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Bexs Bank closes partnership with Preme Pay, fintech facilitating international payments

Agreement will allow greater access for foreign companies to the Brazilian market; initiative makes international digital purchasing 100% online, without the need for foreign exchange intermediaries.

Specialized in international payments, Bexs Bank has just joined forces with Preme Pay, a fintech that offers global payment methods and which is currently based in England. The partners will allow foreign companies to expand their sales in the domestic market and expand the access of Brazilians to services and products from abroad. The collaboration between the two financial institutions focuses on recurring sectors, such as games, streaming and software as a service (SaaS).

With the solution, the partners connect two fronts of the market. On the one hand, they guarantee Brazilian companies that import a simple, agile and economical solution and, on the other, they ensure that foreign companies that export, with legal and accounting support, the possibility of reaching Brazilians efficiently and without the need to invest in Brazil. The savings in the exchange rate can reach up to 27%, while the withdrawal request can be cleared on the same day or at the most the next day. In addition, they offer a digital product focused on the user experience that can double the conversion rate of their customers.

“The constant demand of Brazilians looking for services and products from abroad can also be met through the Preme Pay solution, which, without bureaucracy, membership fees or hidden fees, has developed a method that removes unnecessary details from financial operations and with Bexs' support streamlines online sales, without worrying about using manual processes to calculate foreign exchange transactions ”, observes Luiz Henrique Didier Jr, CEO of the digital bank for international payments and FX.

The partnership should be expanded in the first half of 2021 to serve exporting companies in Brazil. “We see Bexs as a partner and a right hand who can help us to leverage our business. We want to offer Brazilian companies the opportunity to have an easy payment method to sell abroad, as well as enabling companies from more than 120 countries to sell in Brazil by offering local payment methods like Pix, Boleto and Parcelado Credit ”, says the founder and CEO of Preme Pay, Pablo Klein, who is betting on a 513% growth in the company's revenue this year.

“We have gained credibility because we believe in the user experience. We guarantee time and money savings and charge only for transactions made, making it possible to cancel the purchase at any time. In addition, we have a chat with automatic translation, which eliminates the need to hire a Portuguese-speaking agent, and security tools, with encrypted data and specific security certifications that support the reliability of the payment solution ”, adds Pablo.

About Bexs Bank

By offering a unique solution that integrates local means of payment and foreign exchange, Bexs Bank has become the first digital bank for international payments in Brazil, connecting the country to the world and the world to Brazil. Bexs has been operating in the foreign exchange market for over 30 years and today it is the main Brazilian international payment platform, with leading technology companies and more than 35 million customers.

About Preme Pay

Headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, Preme Pay operates in Brazil, the United States, Canada and England and has as its clients the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), of the Nations (UN), Ribon, StartSe, among others. Since its founding two years ago, it has garnered support from the British government and the city of Manchester by joining the select group of the Latin America Investors Club, as well as participating in the Stanford Rebuild program, a Stanford University innovation programme.

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