Provide Recurring Payment services

Make your customer's life easier. Offer our automated recurring payment service anywhere, anytime, with different methods of recurring payment in a safe and effective way.

Why provide Recurring Payments?

Through a simple and efficient integration you can have a significant increase in your customer retention plus a considerable reduction in the cost of acquiring customers. Check out what you can find using our recurring payment (also known as subscription payments, automatic payments, or recurring billing).
scalableScalable businesses
With automation and security to have the growth potential rising exponentially
activityFinancial planning
Stop compromising the credit card limit brings positive results in the drop in your number of cancellations with your customers
A versatile platform that fits your business simple and effectively
Have your time optimized with the technologies and automaticity that we can offer
open bookWhite Label platform
You can customize our platform as you prefer, using the design system library and branding of your business
storePayment Links
You can generate as many payments pages you want to provide a great user experience in request payments

A smoother and less bureaucratic process for your customers

Offer a quick registration process for subscriptions. Provide a great customer experience by offering secure payment methods that they trust.

Solution built for all type of business

musicMusic & Entertainment providers
Making subscriptions available to your current public
truckTransport services
Offering convenience to your returning customers
hotelHospitality business
Ensuring the security of the recurring transaction
gamingGaming companies
Saving users time with automatic payments
Providing a good experience for all stakeholders
bikeDelivery services
Supporting exponential growth demands

Reduce declined payments

Use the recurring payment service and increase the chances of successful payments automatically. Check out Preme Pay solutions to improve your conversion rate.
refreshAutomatic updates
Our credit card providers partners help us keep all debit or credit cards information up to date in our system. In practice, this helps to prevent the use of expired cards or to notify the customer about the expiration date of your card, for example.
cpuIntelligent attempt technology
Through the use of machine learning technology, we were able to minimize the percentage of transaction failures and bring the logic of new payment attempts to the system, avoiding fraud and increasing your security.
chatNotification service
Keep your customers informed about the payment date approach, delays and necessary account updates.

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